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Here you will find fics written on TVXQ, The BOSS and more recently, Harry Potter :)

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All fics are in order from oldest to newest in each sub-category

You can also find me on AO3 now here. Any fics written from July 2016 onwards will be posted to both LJ and AO3. My old fics however, won't all be transferred over, just the ones I'm happy with. Looking back on the fics from when I first started writing, I've decided I'm not too proud of the writing style I had. Rest assured they'll still be here on LJ to read though, I'm not going to delete anything :)

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Seducing Yunho

Title: Seducing Yunho
Author: chocolet89
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-Shot
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Smut
Summary: Yunho has been ignoring Changmin's advances lately, that or he's just plain oblivious to it all. Changmin asks for help from one Kim Jaejoong and the results are ... quite successful of course.
A/N: Set in 2012 when Changmin had that wavy, hair that was just above the shoulder length which I absolutely loved on him!

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Experiments and Crushes 12/12 [complete!]

Title: Experiments and Crushes
Author: chocolet89
Pairing: Yunho/Junsu
Rating: NC-17
Length: 12/12 (complete!)
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Smut
Summary: Junsu walks in on Yunho coming out of the shower one day and his feelings towards the leader are never the same again. As he slowly comes to terms with his newfound sexuality, Junsu also learns ways of pleasuring himself he never thought was possible before


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